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About Us

Joy Bell Matriculation School, established in 1992 with a very humble beginning and it has grown into fully fledged School.  At present we have classes up to X Std.  The School has fully equipped Science and Computer laboratories.

As it is said, “the destiny of a nation begins in the classroom”.  It is only at School the child is moulded and neutered so as to live its prospective life meaningfully and successfully.  So our School is committed to this great social cause.  The staffs are also equally committed to this social cause.  The staffs are also equally committed to this social venture.

At this juncture, I gratefully remember the continued co-operation and goodwill of the parents and the residents of this area without whom our dreams would have come true.  We won’t our children to be brought up in the Love of God.  Discipline and Character are given great re-emphasis than academic excellence.  Our School is waiting better days by the Grace of our Almighty God.

Academic excellence is priority and School aims well rounded individuals.  The School organizes many activities throughout the year where qualities such as leadership and self-discipline are inculcated.  There is an emphasis on the individual’s personality development.  A number of sports are played in the School and give the students an opportunity to express the individual talent.

In the past 20 years the School had tremendous improvements in various fields.  It is the result of strenuous efforts and dedicated work of the administration and the teachers.  Our School does not care only the pupil’s education, but also takes much interest in many social and ethical developments of the society.

First of all the school is very much concerned with the pupil’s who belong to poor families.  Very poor pupils are provided with uniform and books freely and also given transport facilities.  Free education is provided for orphans and fee concession for fatherless children.  They undergo free Medical Check Up thro Densists, Opthamologists, Dermothologists E.N.T. Specialties and Pediatricians once in three months.  Medical

 Awareness Programmes, Bible Quiz and Gospel Skits were conducted to encourage them morally.  Apart from the above services, Social Activities done by this Institutions are special care is taken on old people who live by.  Once in a year during festival times they are provided with new clothes.  Some of them get house rent.  They are being taken care of their physical health thro medical awareness programmes.  Yearly once students are taken to educational tours which make them enjoy and learn many things by their visits.  Students not only excelled in the school club activities and academics they also reached greater heights and spread their interest talent in various external competitions and brought back laurels to the school.

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